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    To Tell or Not To Tell, When Is the Right Time?

    When you discover you are pregnant a whole world of choices is opened to you. The first choice being, "When do I let everyone know the good news?" Like everything else that happens with your pregnancy, this is a very personal choice and one that should be made in your own time, when you and your partner are ready to share the joyous news with others. Oh, you have not told your partner yet, you are not ready. Well, that is all right too, although the chances of you keeping a secret this big is probably close to none! So the conundrum is not only when to tell but also how to tell and who to tell! You may want to wait until you are sure you are pregnant before telling your partner or you may blurt it out as soon as you discover the news for yourself. It is all up to you!

    One way to let your partner know that you are pregnant may be to have a romantic dinner or a weekend away. That way it will be a memorable experience for the both of you. Just realize that regardless of how your partner reacts to the news, whether surprised, shocked or concerned, you have already had time to get used to the idea of your pregnancy. You have had time to undergo all of the pros and cons; how this will affect your relationship, whether or not you can afford the cost, and the general shock of becoming a parent! It is important that your partner have the time to assimilate the information you are imparting.

    When the time comes to let other people know your joyous news you should decide this as a couple. You may not want to tell anyone until you are showing. You may decide to just tell family members and close friends. If work is concerned, you may decide to wait until the last possible moment. If you have other children you may want to wait for a while before letting them know you are pregnant, when the risk of miscarriage is lower. That way you will not have to tell them if you loose the baby. Once you tell your children, all bets are off! Anyone and everyone will know you are pregnant! Good Luck!


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